a story of love, determination and passion

Procurers of floral amazement, creators of smiles and enablers of cherished moments!

dotty and bramble,

founded 2020

When better to launch a business than in a worldwide pandemic, right?! We hit the ground running, put everything we had into it and our scissors haven't touched the bench since! 

Here at Dotty and Bramble not only do we pride ourselves on producing beautiful wedding flowers, but also on our passion for making your event as perfect as possible from start to finish. 

"Being a florist is where I feel at home."


Steph, the founder of Dotty and Bramble, has been a florist since 2017. 

Although only qualified for a small number of years, during this time she has achieved a lot. From working in village florist shops through to specialised wedding and events florists, and then starting her own business, she has built quite the love affair with all things floral!

Growing up, Steph had two big loves - fashion and flowers. Having worked in both industries during her teenage years, when it became time to choose a career path, fashion just pipped the post.

She went to university and trained to become a stylist and worked in this field for many years with no regrets at all. But something was always missing; that love and passion for flowers never went away.

So, when the opportunity showed itself to retrain as a florist and fill her heart's desire, there was no stopping her.